Just as the children of Israel were called to family, place, and responsibility in the body of Israel as a nation; everybody in the body of Jesus Christ has a family, place-local assembly that he or she are assigned to carry out their responsibilities and purpose.

Our true fulfillment of abundant living comes from being in the community He has called us to be a part of. Back in the day when there was a sense of community, people didn’t have to be your parents to beat you if you did something wrong, they would do it, and then take you to your parents and they would beat you again. It truly takes a community to raise and help a person fulfill his or her God-given purpose; so let’s know our God-given house, assembly of purpose.

Points of Concern:

1. Beware of friendliness with God’s enemies
2. A bad decision not only harms you, but effects every person connected to you
3. You should not be attached to everybody
4. Be careful who you connect with in this season
5. Pay attention to people who are around you that want you to trade off things of greater value.
6. Be careful of the people who are assigned by Satan and his kingdom that are trying to talk you out of what is rightfully yours.
7. Be careful of people around you with the attitude that if they can’t have it, you can’t have it either.