Elder Nathan Gainer, an ordained Elder, in the Church of God in Christ worldwide, having foreknowledge of the purpose and calling to shepherd God’s people, after serving ten and one-half years under the leadership and pastorship of Dr. David C. Graham, Holy Temple Church of God in Christ, informed Pastor Graham that it was approaching the time for his move to the Office of Pastor.

Two years later, after talking to Dr. Graham, Elder Gainer was instructed to start a Bible study in his home with the assistance of any needed helps. After serving at Holy Temple Church of God in Christ for twelve and one-half years, on Thursday, March 25, 1993, a Bible study began at the home of Elder Nathan and Evangelist Regina Gainer, 50 Kenmore Avenue, Newark, New Jersey. The first members of the Bible study were Barbara McCloud and Evelyn McKay.

On Sunday, October 17, 1993, a church was officially established. It’s name – “Christ Temple Church of God in Christ” with Elder Nathan Gainer, Pastor and Evangelist Regina Gainer, Co-Pastor. This move became the first offspring of Holy Temple Church of God in Christ beginning with two new members, Louise Martin and Maria Gaines. The membership grew to the need of another place of worship. On January 23, l994, Pastor Nathan Gainer received a call from Pastor Edward Bennett of Hallelujah Fellowship Ministries, informing him of God’s blessing upon their ministry by giving them a larger edifice. The invitation for 2086 Springfield Avenue, Vauxhall, New Jersey was extended to Christ Temple. The Christ Temple church family was privileged to have their first morning service in their new place.

After nine months of worship services, the next door building was consumed by an electrical fire which in turn connected to the Christ Temple building. Within three minutes it was totally destroyed by fire. The congregation was left without a church home. God spoke a word to Pastor Gainer saying, “I am working all things after the counsel of My own will”, Ephesians 1:11.

Being blessed with a member, Fredicia Coley, who remembered another congregation experiencing the same situation, was afforded the opportunity to worship at the neighborhood school down the street. She inquired and the township favored us with the opportunity to hold our worship services in the auditorium of Central Five Jefferson School located at 155 Hilton Street, Vauxhall, New Jersey. God spoke to Pastor Gainer and said, “I have given you a place of enlargement”. The message on the first Sunday morning was “A Place of Enlargement”. Christ Temple Church of God in Christ remained at the school until God blessed with the property He promised – 498 Watchung Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Presently, the Lord has expanded and enlarged the borders of Christ Temple Ministries allowing us to be One Church in Two Locations, currently occupying a church in Union County and Mercer County.

“This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.”